It is not the policy of the Local Authority to make compulsory the wearing of any distinctive clothing or uniform; but all pupils are required to attend school appropriately dressed and, for the assistance of parents, many schools, as well as Princefield,  have adopted guidelines on dress.

Our guidelines are as follows:-

Sweatshirt/Sweat Cardigan – Bottle Green                                uniform
‘V’ neck Pullover – Bottle Green
Tie – Green/White stripes
Blouse/Shirt – White
Polo Shirt – White
Pinafore Dress or Skirt – Grey
Summer Dress – Green and White
Trousers – Grey, long or short
Socks – Grey
Shoes – Sensible footwear, not trainers
Fleece Jacket – Bottle Green (optional)
Fleece Hat – Bottle Green (optional
Green Reading bag

To participate fully in physical education, the pupil will need:

Trainers or slip-on pumps
‘T’ Shirt – White
Shorts – Black
Spare pair of socks
Pump Bag

All earrings must be removed for PE.  Jewellery is not be worn at school.  Hair should be tied back for safety reasons.

Nursery Uniform:

To unify the Nursery with the school and ensure that children are appropriately dressed for their activities, we have adopted the following guideline of a simpler version of the uniform for Nursery children.

Our guidelines are as follows:-

‘T’ Shirt with Nursery logo –  currently available from school
Or White Polo Shirt
Grey or Black trousers, jogging bottoms/leggings or skirt
Bottle Green Jumper/Cardigan
Sensible shoes or trainers (preferably Velcro fastening) NO UGG boots or Crocs

For P.E:-
White ‘T’ Shirt
Black Shorts

A Sun Hat should be kept in their Pump bag for use on playground

All school clothing (including footwear) should be clearly named.

General items of uniform may be purchased from any retail outlet.  Items of uniform with the Princefield logo embroidered are currently available from Crested School Wear 5/6 St Marys Mews, Stafford., or 19 High Green Court, Newhall Street, Cannock., or can be ordered online at www.crestedschoolwear.co.uk