The children were all well and had had an enjoyable day when I visited them after school today. One group were on the climbing wall while others were in the caving experience. I was told I had missed a lovely lunch and they were all looking forward to their tea tonight.

Another exciting activity planned for later and then more in the morning before tidying up and returning back to school tomorrow afternoon.

Will check in with them again in the morning and give you a final update as early as I can.

Have a good evening all.

Mrs Barron


An enjoyable first day had by all, with the chldren taking part in a variety of activities before last nights camp fire.

Most asleep by midnight with just a few reminders,  before Mrs Cashmore, Mr Townley and Mrs Barron finally got to bed.

After a hearty breakfast I have just left them all smiling and happy ready  for the days exciting activities.

More updates when possible. (this depends on having access to  the internet)

Mrs Barron