National Curriculum 2014

In September 2014, the revised National Curriculum 2014 became statutory. The curriculum sets out programmes of study for key subjects and says what children need to learn and when they should learn it from Year 1 to Year 4. The new curriculum reflects higher expectations and requires raised attainment in all year groups.

Subject Skills Grids

Art skills grid

British Values

Computing (ICT)

DT Skills Grid

Geography Skills Grid

History Skills grid

MFL skills grid

music skills grid

PE skills grid

PSHE objectives

RE KS1 curric provision

RE KS2 curric provis

Science Knowledge KS1

Science Knowledge KS2

Science Skills KS1 and KS2


Topic Plans

KS1 Africa– Summer 2015

KS1 moving– Autumn 2015

KS1 A material world – Spring 2016

KS1 Who lives in a place like this – Summer 2016

KS1 – Castles– Autumn 2016

– Spring 2017


KS2 The Tudors – Summer 2015

KS2 Who invaded Britain – Autumn 2015

KS 2 WW2– Spring 2016

KS2 Stone Age– Summer 2016

KS2 Rivers Staff Hoard– Autumn 2016

KS2- St Lucia 2017– Spring 2017


Nursery Topics

Ten Town Celebrations and New Life

Summer – In the garden

Autumn – Me and my community